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Living Naturally – A Way of Life

These days, everyone is making a greater effort to conserve the planet’s resources.  Words like carbon footprint, sustainability, and green have become common place.  All of us are taking a closer look at how our day-to-day activities affect the resources we leave for future generations.  Watkins has been a pioneer in living naturally.

What is Living Naturally to Watkins?

Living Naturally is a way of life.  Watkins is striving to be the most trusted natural products company and Living Naturally speaks to all of Watkins product categories.  From sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, and delivery, Watkins is working toward sustainability in every aspect of their business.

What is Living Naturally to Associates and Customers?

Living Naturally means each customer can expect consistent products and service at an affordable price, all with the sustainability of our planet’s resources in mind.

Watkins has been a pioneer in natural living, utilising the finest natural ingredients since 1868.  This commitment to you and the environment continues through implementing processes which reduce waste and conserve energy.

Watkins promise is to continue the Living Naturally philosophy for generations.


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