Watkins Customer Newsletter – March 2013

6 03 2013


Welcome to the March 2013 Watkins Customer Newsletter featuring Watkins Naturals products – natural since 1868 and way too stubborn to change.

Body Oil Mists

Coconut Body Oil Mist - smallGrapefruit Body Oil Mist - smallLavender Body Oil Mist - small

Apricot kernel oil and Vitamin E combine to help hydrate and nourish your skin.

This rich and moisturising spray leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.  Formulated with apricot kernel oil and vitamin E to nourish your skin with essential nutrients it needs.  Because the oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, it leaves a dry soft feel.

Coconut Milk & Honey

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Window Cleaners

AandGT Window Cleaner - smallLemon Window Cleaner - small

Absolutely the best window cleaner I have used.

Give your windows a lustrous and streak-free shine with J.R. Watkins Natural Window Cleaner.  Use this cleaner on your mirrors, glass tabletops, and other hard surfaces around your home.  Easy-to-use spray and wipe formula gently lifts away grime, dust, and fingerprints.  Because this formula is coconut-based, it won’t break down the bonds of plastic on window films and is ideal for tinted windows.

Aloe & Green Tea

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Here is the Watkins Customer Newsletter for March 2013.

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It highlights some of the monthly specials available on Watkins Naturals products and also includes a recipe for Savory Turkey Burgers featuring the following Watkins Natural Gourmet product:

Meat Magic

Meat Magic - small

One bottle enhances more than 30 pounds of meat.

Brings out natural meat flavors; helps prevent shrinkage and promotes tenderness by sealing in meat’s natural juices.

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More great product specials for the month can be found here:

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This month’s feature Watkins Naturals product is:

Purest Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon - small

Watkins award-winning high-oil Korintje cassia cinnamon has been a part of family rituals for more than 100 years.

Watkins high-oil Korintje cassia contains 3% to 3.5% essential oil; many others on the market contain 1% to 2% and inferior brands as low as 0.5%. With about twice as much flavor as the Ceylon variety, it is the best quality cinnamon available anywhere.

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Did you know?  Fun factIf you stacked all the containers of Watkins Natural Gourmet gold medal winning Purest Ground Cinnamon sold since 1895, it would be 15,766 times taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about any Watkins Naturals product, if you would like to place an order, or if you are interested in the Watkins Home Business Opportunity.

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Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneurs

Until next time, have fun and be well.

Kevin | Be In Balance - Bringing the Gift of Wellness to the World



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